Author: Karen Barrett-Wilt

Timeless Travels Magazine Review

Timeless Travels is a new free online magazine designed specifically for iPad and Android tablets, but also viewable on PC/Mac. It’s an excellent combination of history, narrative, and practical travel information. The layout is attractive, the texts are informative and enjoyable, and each article includes stunning photographs that not only supplement the texts but can also stand on their own as beautiful images.

Paint It Black? Understanding Black Figure Pottery

Welcome to our third post on AHEtc! This week we welcome Ancient History Encyclopedia Editor Ms. Karen Barrett-Wilt. Karen is a freelance editor, writer, and blogger who loves to tap into her inner history nerd at AHE.  She holds a BA in English, an MA in the History of Art (focusing on Medieval and Islamic Art), and her current obsession is the art and architectural history of Turkey, particularly Istanbul. In the following blog post, she traces the path that she followed to finally really understand how black figure pottery was made by the ancient Greeks. Enjoy! So how is black figure pottery created, anyway?