Year: 2010

New Domain Name

Ancient History Encyclopedia is looking for a new domain name! We have found that many people find it hard to remember or even pronounce “”, so for now we have moved to “”. Nonetheless we are still looking for suggestions!

Exhibition: Book of the Dead

LONDON: British Museum. The landmark exhibition Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead has opened its doors in the British Museum in London. The ‘Book’ was not a single text but a compilation of spells designed to guide the deceased through the dangers of the underworld, ultimately ensuring eternal life.

Lecture: The Spartacus Road

London: The British Museum. Peter Stothard, Editor of the Times Literary Supplement, talks with Mary Beard, University of Cambridge, about his latest book, an unusual and highly praised work which retraces the journey taken by Spartacus and his slave army as they fought their Roman enemies in 73–71 BC.

Radiocarbon dating Dynastic Egypt

A team led by Oxford University professor Christopher Ramsey has established a more accurate chronology of Dynastic Egypt than has ever been possible. The study was based on a radiocarbon analysis of plant remains from ancient Egypt. Surprisingly, the results largely confirm the previously established chronology from ancient sources.